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    Say goodbye to overwhelming and complex scholarship processes. Our masterclass simplifies the scholarship journey with easy-to-follow, expertly crafted frameworks that guide you every step of the way.

  • Expert Strategies

    Led by scholarship guru Christopher Grafos, you gain access to insider knowledge and tactics that have secured approximately $1 million dollars in scholarships for our students and families. These proven strategies are distilled into micro-lessons that fit your busy schedule.

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    At just $24 per month with no long-term commitment, this masterclass offers incredible value. Invest in your child's future without breaking the bank, and cancel anytime if it's not the right fit.

What Students & Parents Say


“We wish to thank BridgesEDU Scholarships for helping our daughter secure a $10,000 scholarship for the academic year 2023-2024. The program really helps students identify scholarship opportunities and motivates them to do research and apply for them in a timely manner. We would recommend BridgesEDU to anyone who is interested in securing scholarships. Winning this scholarship not only boosted our daughter’s morale and confidence, but also as parents, it gave us a much needed financial break.”

Chithra K. - Parent in London, ON

“Growing up, I thought that scholarships were only given out to athletes and students who excelled academically. Fortunately, BridgesEDU Scholarships opened my eyes to the world of scholarships. Shortly after being introduced, I caught wind of a trade scholarship and decided to apply. With the help of BridgesEDU, I was able to win my first ever scholarship on my first application, winning $1000.”

Peter G. - Student in Durham, ON

“Finding the right words has never come easy for my son, in fact he has always needed to work extra hard to achieve his goals throughout his high school years. Chris was able to help him take his thoughts, organize and articulate them in the most beautiful way on paper. Chris was instrumental in helping my son obtain a scholarship prize awarded to a student attending a trade school. The essay Chris pulled out of my son was so heartwarming and personal that I was proud to read as a mother and one that clearly resonated with the scholarship award committee. I would recommend Chris at BridgesEDU Scholarships wholeheartedly! He will truly make a difference with your child.”

Mary M. - Parent in Markham, ON

My Focus: Scholarship Success for Your Family

Christopher Grafos, Ph.D.

I’m Christopher Grafos, the architect behind BridgesEDU’s unmatched scholarship success. I graduated from the University of Toronto and then earned a PhD at York University. As a student, I mastered the art of securing scholarships, amassing over $93,000 in funding. And, in my career, I’ve earned more than a million dollars in grants. I’ve navigated the academic world from a unique vantage point. As a first-generation university graduate turned esteemed scholarship coach, my path is not just my story—it’s a proven blueprint for your success. Leveraging my insider knowledge from serving on scholarship committees and teaching at York University, I’ve turned my journey into a strategic masterclass, guiding students to approximately $1 million in scholarships, grants, and bursaries. Join me and a community of driven achievers and let’s turn your scholarship aspirations into reality.

More Benefits and Supports

Unlock the Path to Scholarship Success

  • Supportive Community

    You’re not alone on this journey. Join our community forum and participate in live Q&A sessions. Whether you're a parent or a student, our community supports you at every turn, ensuring questions never go unanswered. Can't make a session? Don't worry, we'll record responses and share them via our community forum.

  • Exclusive Essay Editing Offers

    Boost your application’s potential with our optional essay editing service—exclusively for subscribers. Opt in to receive tailored, expert feedback on personal statements and scholarship essays whenever you need it, enhancing your submissions and increasing your chances of success.

  • Time-Saving Design

    Our content is designed to be absorbed quickly. Totaling less than two hours, our micro-lessons deliver the essentials to maximize your success without a significant time investment.

Have Questions? We Have Answers

The BridgesEDU Members Only Scholarship Community

This private community allows you to ask questions, get answers, attend Q&A sessions, and access tools and resources to help you succeed in your scholarship journey. The best part? It's included when you join the BridgesEDU Secrets to Scholarship Research & Writing Masterclass!

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  • Access all videos in The Secrets to Scholarship Research & Writing Masterclass - $1,299 Value

  • Members Only Community - Ongoing support where you can pose questions and get answers from a scholarship expert - $600 Annual Value

  • Downloadable Easy-to-Follow Frameworks - $250 Value

  • Fostering confidence & ability to navigate scholarships – Priceless

  • Exclusive Essay Editing Offers

  • Over $2,000 in annual value! No commitment, cancel anytime

Pricing options

We have pricing options for every student and family. Need multi-year support or have multiple children? Consider lifetime access.

Course Curriculum

Check out all of the great insights you'll get access to

  • 1

    Introduction: Get to Know Me & the Masterclass Before Committing

  • 2


    • Micro-Lesson 1: The Scholarship Mindset

  • 3

    Finding Scholarships

    • Micro-Lesson 2: Unlocking Opportunities With Different Types of Scholarships

    • Micro-Lesson 3: Maximizing Your Scholarship Search

    • Micro-Lesson 3-2: Finding Your Perfect Scholarship

    • Downloadable Finding Scholarships Framework

    • My Scholarship List

    • Downloadable Federal and Provincial Student Award Links

    • Downloadable Framework: How to Navigate School-Specific Scholarships, Grants, and Bursaries

  • 4

    What Scholarship Committees Look For

    • Micro-Lesson 4: Understanding Your Audience

  • 5

    How to Stand Out Every Time

    • Micro-Lesson 5: The Power of Narrative: The Insider Secret to Standing Out

    • Micro-Lesson 6: Building Out Your Personal Statement

    • Downloadable Framework to Craft Your Narrative

  • 6

    Getting the Writing Right!

    • Micro-Lesson 7: Purposeful Writing for Personal Statements

  • 7

    Increasing Your Efficiency

    • Micro-Lesson 8: Strategic Repurposing of Scholarship Applications

  • 8

    Other Kinds of Scholarships

    • Micro-Lesson 9: Non-Essay Scholarship Stategies

  • 9

    Less Daunting, More Doing: Scholarship Planning and Strategy

    • Micro-Lesson 10: Scholarship Planning and Strategy

  • 10

    Bonus Content: Leveraging AI

    • Leveraging AI: The BridgesEDU Scholarships AI Essay Writer

    • Leveraging AI: What You Need to Know About AI

    • Leveraging AI: The Many Ways AI Helps with Scholarship Applications

  • 11

    Bonus Webinar Content

    • Webinar on School-Specific Scholarships

  • 12

    Having Your Essay Reviewed

    • Submit your personal essay here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer? Reach us at info[at]bridgeseduscholarships.com

  • How quickly can I start applying what I learn?

    Immediately! Our strategies and frameworks are actionable from day one, helping you or your child apply to scholarships more effectively right away.

  • How long will I have access to masterclass materials?

    Monthly subscribers can download frameworks for future reference, but access to micro-lessons, community forum, and Q&A sessions will end after terminating subscription. Lifetime subscribers will have lifetime access to all materials and future updates.

  • How do I access the course materials?

    Log in to your course by clicking Sign Up/Login in the the upper right corner of this page. Micro-lesson videos are not available for download and must be viewed through the platform. Some items, such as frameworks, are available for download.

  • What makes this masterclass different from other scholarship guides?

    Our masterclass is led by a proven expert, Christopher Grafos, who has not only won significant scholarship funds himself, but has also helped students win approximately a million dollars in scholarships, grants, and bursaries. We combine this expertise with practical, easy-to-implement strategies and a supportive community, setting our program apart. Also, Christopher regularly gives talks at local libraries in the Greater Toronto Area, engaging directly with parents and students to understand the challenges they face. This hands-on experience informs his continuously evolving approach, ensuring the strategies you learn are not only expertly crafted but also up-to-date and highly effective. Combined with practical, easy-to-implement strategies and a supportive community, our program offers unmatched value and insight.

  • Am I guaranteed to win a scholarship?

    While our strategies work to increase the odds of winning scholarship prizes, it's impossible to guarantee awards.

  • Is this masterclass for parents or students?

    Both! Our masterclass is designed to support both students and parents. Students can directly benefit from our strategies and frameworks, while parents will find the tools and insights invaluable for guiding and supporting their children's scholarship applications.

  • What if I find the masterclass isn't right for me?

    No problem! You can cancel anytime—no hassle, no penalties. We strive to make this masterclass flexible and risk-free for all our subscribers.

  • Are the essay editing services included in the monthly fee?

    The essay editing services are available as an add-on at subscriber's discretion. This allows you to customize your experience and only pay for additional services when you need them.

  • Can I access the masterclass content all at once?

    Yes, once you enroll, you'll have instant access to all the micro-lessons and downloadable frameworks. This allows you to move at your own pace and revisit the material as often as you like.